Stabilising the water

A high level of water quality with stable water values is a basic prerequisite for a healthy garden pond. Above all, many pond owners wish to have clear water to be able to see to the bottom of the pond. However, it is important to know that clear water is not necessarily an indicator for species-appropriate living conditions.

Important Water Values

Indicators such as carbonate hardness (KH) and pH value ("degree of acidity") reveal the true state of the water. When both parameters are in order, the self-cleaning processes and ecological cycle processes are working properly. For this reason, pond care needs to start by determining these important water parameters. The Söll product range offers rapid tests and with AQUA-CHECK, which is an electronic measuring device, these and other important water values can be determined reliably.

Carbonate hardness indicates the total amount of hydrogen carbonates dissolved in the water, mostly as a compound with calcium or magnesium, which operate as a buffer system. Carbonate hardness can prevent unhindered increase or decrease of the pH value. It should always remain above 5 °dH (0.890 mmol/l CaCO3).

With regard to the pH value, a range between 7.5 and 8.5 meets the requirements of most water dwellers.

Why you should stabilse the water

Fluctuations occur during the course of the day. Due to the photosynthesis activities of pond plants and algae, the pH value is high in the evening and low in the morning. Strong algae growth leads to a continuous reduction of carbonate hardness, which, in turn, changes the pH value even more and makes it instable.

At worst, damage to skin and gills of fish may occur. The animals are weakened and become susceptible to diseases. Predators of algae, such as micro-crustaceans, are also negatively affected by fluctuations in the pH value. Natural food chains are interrupted. This leads to a reduction in biodiversity and algal bloom of individual species of algae. The biotope pond becomes unbalanced.

For these reasons, it is important to stabilise the pond water. Also before implementing algae controlling measures (2. controlling algae), the most important water parameters should be adjusted to their optimum level.

Water stabilising products from Söll

Using the Söll products is very straightforward and particularly environmentally friendly. A number of our water stabilising products are based on the functional principle of CarbonAdd. This is a mixture of substances which naturally occur in water and which increase the biological self-cleaning ability of the pond. CarbonAdd even complies with the stringent requirements for the treatment of drinking water!

All of our water stabilising products increase the actual carbonate hardness and optimise the pH value. For a consistently high level of water quality, the dosage should be administered three times a year or when required - for example, whenever the carbonate hardness falls below a level of 5 °dH.

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