Food for pond fish

Feeding appropriate to the species

Fish in ponds are subjected to changing weather and environmental conditions during the course of a year. To ensure optimal growth and that the fish remain fit and healthy, they need to be supplied with essential vital substances. Söll food provides sufficient energy, essential vitamins and trace elements for pond fish. The food ranges TEICH- GOLD and KoiGold are designed to meet the needs of most pond dwellers.

High-quality ingredients contribute to a balanced and species-appropriate diet. Due to careful processing of the raw materials, the food strengthens the immune system, encourages growth, and promotes good physical condition and colouring.

To meet the highest standards, which particularly do justice to Koi, we recommend Organix Koi-Food Supreme. Fresh ingredients such as whole salmon, herring, shrimps and kelp originating from the pure, cold waters of Alaska turn our pellet food into something very special.

Whether flakes, sticks, or pellets – all types of Söll food remain afloat for a long time and are perfectly suitable for year-round feeding of all types of pond fish. There are additional benefits for the quality of the water: Our fish food is free of polyphosphates and, as such, does not stimulate algae growth.

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