Water treatment

Why treat aquarium water at all? This is a justified question! The pros and cons have been discussed time and again. After all, tap water in your country is most likely of a high quality standard and is used for drinking and cooking.

However, tap water does not always meet the requirements of animals living in an aquarium. Heavy metals, chlorine and impurities stemming from old pipes can contaminate the water. Also, pH value and carbonate hardness are not necessarily within a fish-friendly range. In order to suit aquaristic purposes, water should always be treated.

Water which is appropriate to the species and adjusted to the needs of the aquarium dwellers is the basic prerequisite for healthy and vivacious fish; providing lasting enjoyment for aquarists. You are on the safe side when using a form of water treatment which turns the water habitat into an environment suitable for fish and which also supplies essential minerals and vitamins. 

Our advice: Information about the water quality in your area can be obtained from your local water utilities company.

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