The Microorganism Concentrate with trace elements

BioAquaStart - The Microorganism Concentrate with trace elements
  • Aquarium start made easy
  • Biological equilibrium
  • Activates water, substrate and filter
  • Aquarium start made easy

Microorganisms are responsible for the degradation of pollutants in the aquarium. They eliminate feces, urine and mucilage. Especially in new aquariums, however, the microorganisms have to settle in the filter during a several-week start-up phase. For an accelerated start the use of a bacterial agent is therefore sensible.

BioAquaStart supports a fast aquarium start-up. The practical tablets add concentrated microorganisms to the water, which activate the soil and filter and produce a biological equilibrium from the beginning. Selected trace elements optimally provide water-clarifying bacteria.

Application and Dosage Recommedation

Apply weekly during aquarium start-up as well as for on-going maintenance of small aquariums. Apply into the filter or directly into the aquarium water. The tablet dissolves quickly.

For new set-ups: 1 tablet BioAquaStart to 100 litres of water (approx. 26 ° C). After one week, fish can be placed in the tank.

For on-going care: Use the same dosage.

3 Tablets. 300 l 19461

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