OxygenDeposit Tabs

6 Week time release

SauerstoffDepot Tabs 100g Front 19417 GB WEB
  • Vital oxygen in tablet form
  • Oxygen supply even beneath ice
  • Long-term source of oxygen with a 6-week time release
  • Ideal for the colder months

OxygenDeposit supplies oxygen for your pond water with a long-term effect.

OxygenDeposit can be used throughout the year, although the best time is late autumn to winter, since at this time of year the pond water is not supplied with sufficient oxygen.


Application and Dosage Recommendation

OxygenDeposit is usage all year round. Ideally applied through before the first frost of the year during the winter months.

Extra tip: OxygenDeposit is also very suitable for supplying oxygen for filters and filter chambers containing oxygen-depleting microorganisms.

1 Tab for 500 Litres of Pond water.

The Tabs are active over 6 weeks and dissolves completely.

10 Tabs 5.000 Litres 19417

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