aquamarine NitrateFree

Reduces nitrate contamination

aquamarine NitrateFree en
  • Highly specialized microorganisms
  • Supports biological water purification
  • For efficient nitrogen removal

Aquamarine NitrateFree contains a concentrated mixture of bacterial cultures, which are specialized in the rapid reduction of the nitrate content in salt water.

Aquamarine NitrateFree reduces the run-in time of saltwater aquariums and thanks to its liquid formulation ensures rapid biological activity in newly occupied basins. When regularly used, the nitrate content in the water remains at a low level.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

As ongoing care: weekly 10 ml (4 dispenser portions) to 100 litres of water

On new start of aquarium or when introducing new stock: 20 ml (8 dispenser portions) per 100 litres of water per week for 3 weeks.

By very high nitrate values, apply 30 ml (12 dispenser portions) to 100 L of water for three consecutive days.

250 ml 2.500 Liter 17880
500 ml 5.000 Liter 17881
2,5 l 25.000 Liter 19786

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