Aquatic Plant Power

DailyFertiliser 500ml en
  • Daily nutrition for aquatic plants
  • Quickly replenishes rapidly consumed and unstable nutrients
  • Ideal for sensitive plants
  • Phosphate free

DailyFertiliser supplies your aquarium with the necessary daily quantities of plant nutrients, such as potassium, magnesium, etc., which do not have longterm stability.

DailyFertiliser is highly concentrated and of course contains no phosphates. Particularly effective when combined with MineralMix (Söll-System 1)and IronMix Fe (Söll-System 2).

Application and Dosage Recommenation

Shake well before use. Apply with the daily feed and directly into Aquarium.

Daily 2 ml DailyFertiliser for 100 Litres of Aquarium water.

100 ml 5.000 Liter 19486
250 ml 12.500 Liter


500 ml 25.000 Liter 19496

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