A clear and beautiful pond in just three steps

The 1-2-3-System from Söll

In an unspoilt body of water, all organisms, small and large, are in a state of natural balance. Due to its relatively small size, an artificial garden pond is not able to regulate itself and, as a result, the biotope can easily lose its natural balance.

When the balance is upset, chemical cycles and biological food chains are interrupted. This can lead to mass reproduction of individual organisms. As a result, living conditions for other species will deteriorate rapidly and the pond is threatened by atrophy. Apart from declining biodiversity, increased formation of sludge and lack of oxygen are the inevitable consequences.

The biotope appears neglected and unmaintained. In a worst-case scenario, the garden pond may actually collapse.

On top of this, the pond is subjected to a variety of different influences during the course of the year: Rain, snow and sunlight, as well as leaves, petals and pollen entering the pond, change the constellation in the water and, hence, the living conditions for inhabitants.

It only takes a few supporting measures at the right time and in the right place. Thus by applying three simple steps (1. stabilising the water, 2. controlling algae, 3. binding nutrients), you can activate the self-cleaning ability of your garden pond and reactivate the biological cycle processes. This is not a magic trick. It's actually copying nature's principles of control and stability.

A clear and beautiful pond in just three steps

Our three-step care concept is complemented by care products for pond fish, microbiological products, which optimise the nitrogen cycle and the filter efficiency, products for fertilising aquatic plants and other specialised products such as special problem solvers. As you can see: Söll has the right solution for any kind of challenge posed by the pond!

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