Effective Nitrate Removal

BioBooster 500ml en
  • Bacteria cultures with natural denitrifiers
  • Rapid biodegradation of pollutants
  • Reduces organic sludge on the base and in the filter
  • Biological prevention of algae growth

The nutrient cycles in the aquarium - e.g. The decomposition of nitrogen compounds from feed residues, fish droppings, etc. - are of crucial importance for the biological equilibrium of an aquarium. Responsible for the degradation of pollutants are mainly microorganisms, which settle on the solid surfaces of the aquarium and in the filter.

Among the different types of microorganisms there is a lively displacement competition, because each population wants to be as large as possible. Especially if there is too much nitrate in the water, algae growth is encouraged and flora and fauna can be damaged. The billions of active nitrificants and denitrifiers (1 x 108 / ml = 100 Mio. / ml) in BioBooster reduce too high nitrate concentrations in the water effectively and within a very short time.

BioBooster reduces the running time in aquarium filters, ensures immediate biological activity and extendes the life of aquarium filters. It is also ideal for each aquarium filter.

Application & Dosage Recommendation

Shake well before use. Ideally applied after every water change or to support the introdcution of a new aquarium filter. Apply directly into Aquarium.

10 ml BioBooster for 100 Litres of water.

When starting a new tank apply weekly for 3 weeks 20 ml BioBooster auf 100 Litres fo water.

100 ml 1.000 Liter 19474
250 ml 2.500 Liter 19476
500 ml 5.000 Liter 19478

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