Billions of pond bacteria

BioBooster - Billions of pond bacteria
  • Reduces nitrite and nitrate
  • Immediate biological activity in the pond
  • Supports heavily used filter systems
  • Purely Biological

BioBooster contains very special types of bacteria which work extremely efficiently and quickly to restore the natural balance in your pond.

BioBooster is especially effective in breaking down organic substances which cause cloudiness and in lowering elevated nitrite and nitrate levels. Inorganic compounds too are reliably broken down.

BioBooster is also effective against foam on the water surface. With billions of natural clear-water bacteria, BioBooster improves water quality. The biological self cleaning capability of the biotope is also increased.

Application and dosage recommendation

Use from the beginning of the pond season as ongoing maintenance, when a pond is newly filled, after each change of filter/filter cleaning or if the biological balance is disturbed (e.g. as a result of algal bloom). Pour the product directly into the pond water or pond filter. For best results, apply at a water temperature of 8 °C or above. Switch off UV

100 ml BioBooster for 3.000 Litres of pond water.

250 ml 7.500  Litres 18922
500 ml 15.000 Litres 18924

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