Prevents algae plagues

PhosphateBinder 300g en
  • Extra strong and fast phosphate binder in ready to use bag
  • Solves algae problems
  • For clear water
  • pH neutral

PhosphateBinder binds phosphates with no redissolution.

Phosphate is an important nutrient for all organisms, but it is required only in small quantities. Too much phosphate causes algae plagues. PhosphateBinder - in ready to use bags - reduces phosphate to minimum levels quickly and solves algae problems - even with phosphate peaks. Bacteria that cloud the water are inhibited with PhosphateBinder.

The extra-strong phosphate buffer reduces phosphate in the aquarium very quickly to minimal values, so that it can not return to the water. 100 g bind in a short period 2.4 g of phosphate!

Low-phosphate water is an important requirement for a functioning aquarium. PhosphateBinder creates an ideal aquarium climate for animals and plants with low phosphate requirements. PhosphateBinder does not cloud and colour the water and is free of heavy metals.

Application and Dosage Recommenation

Rinse the mesh bag under running water and insert into the filter. Depending upon the concentration of Phosphate renew after 2 to 6 weeks.

60 g 100 Litres 19671
150 g 250 Litres 19514
300 g 500 Litres 19516

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