Water Plant Care

Water plants visually increase the water oasis in the garden. The lush, varied and colorful plantings at and in the water, draw attention to the garden pond.

In addition to the decorative aspect, water lily, water hyacinth and penny weed have an important function in the biotope: besides the algae, they are the most important oxygen suppliers in the eco-system garden pond. They absorb a large part of the nutrients dissolved in the water and thus remove their foodstuffs from their food competitors - the algae. Plants keep the mass multiplication of algae naturally low and contribute thereby to clear water. Winter hardy varieties such as bulrush and reeds are also particularly useful as they provide for a gas exchange between water and air even in frozen pond surfaces.

For plants with fishes, plants are therefore vital. For many fish, amphibians and invertebrate aquatic animals water plants also serve as a place for spawning. They are also very important as a hideaway and retreat facility.

Therefore, aquatic plants deserve particular attention during pond care and should be thinned at regular intervals. With WaterplantBooster and WaterliliesFertiliserCones, Söll provides two easy-to-use fertilizers. The products provide pond plants with all necessary nutrients and supports healthy, strong growth.

For the planting of water plants, we also can provide you with a high quality cultured substrate.

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