Pond care

We make water better

A beautiful pond with clear water is every pond owner's aspiration. In keeping with our motto "We make water better", we at Söll are committed to solving the most important problems in pond maintenance with thoroughness starting at the roots of the problems. This is why we do our own research and develop products of sustainable efficiency. More than 100 patents and patent applications speak for themselves.

garantie buttonFor our product development, we exploit our in-house, scientifically founded knowledge in the field of water chemistry and microbiology. Furthermore, extensive experience in the treatment of drinking water and wastewater as well as in the field of water body rehabilitation vouches for the highest degree of Söll quality. However, what is not widely known is that.... a number of our basic formulations are employed in national and international water projects for which our subsidiary Lavaris Technologies is responsible. Problems in relation to water are, in fact, the same all over the world, no matter whether it is a garden pond, a larger lake or a drinking water reservoir. In turn, our pond care products benefit from the findings gained from such large-scale projects. In this way, we constantly optimise our products.

Söll is committed to the most natural mode of action as possible for all its products. Our water stabilising products, for example, are made of components which occur naturally in water. For it is our aim to support life in and around the pond in as natural a way as possible. These principles are expressed by the green signet which can be found on many products by Söll.

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