For magnificent and healthy plants

SeerosenDüngeKegel - Für prächtige Wasserpflanzen
  • Longterm care for all pond plants
  • Ideal when replanting and for complementary fertilisation
  • For healthy, vigorous growth
  • Rich in trace elements


WaterLillyFertiliserCones help to support rapid growth and quality long term care for all aquatic plants. Thanks to easily available macronutrients, minerals and valuable trace elements, water lilies and other water plants are supported in their growth and in producing bright full leaves and flower with strong shining colours.

WaterLillyFertiliserCones are easy to handle and thanks to their cone shape perfectly formed for pushing completely in to the bottom of the pond or planting soil. From there the nutrients from the cones will be absorbed directly by the roots of aquatic plants and not by algae.


Application and Dosage Recommendation

Place into the pond floor near the root area or directly into the plant baskets.

For new plantings, depending on plant size use 1 to 3 WaterLillyFertiliserCones. Re-fertilize once a year in the same dosage


5 pieces 19681
10 pieces 19683

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