2 components for double effect

  • Breaks down sludge effectively and for long periods
  • With highly active clear-water bacteria and active oxygen
  • Combats putrefaction and smells



Over time, sludge builds up at the bottom of every pond. This can be caused by leaves, feed residues or fish excrement. These waste products can lead to decomposition. The water becomes cloudy, smells unpleasant and the biological balance can be damaged.

With PondSludgeRemover, you can easily free your garden pond from organic sludge and deposits without the need for sludge extractors! Double-action PondSludgeRemover, contains active oxygen and clear-water bacteria that are active for up to 8 weeks!

Component A (purely mineral): Reduces organic pond sludge. The patented mineral combination actively oxidizes the sediment layer, thus breaking it down. Heavy metals and other substances which are toxic to fish as well as phosphate, the basic nutrient for algae, are bound. The result is a visible reduction in the sludge layer. Bad smells are neutralized immediately.

Component B (purely biological): Bacteria help to keep the water clear. The highly active micro-organisms start breaking down sludge, dead algae, plant residues, leaves and fish toxins immediately, thereby ensuring clear and healthy pond water.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Start by mixing recommended amounts of both components with water, stir well and apply over the pond using a watering can.

For best results, apply at a water temperature of 8 °C or above. Switch off UV lights during application and for 48 hours thereafter.

500 g 10.000 Litres 18926
1 kg 20.000 Litres 18928

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