aquamarine KH-Tonic

Liquid preparation according to Balling

aquamarine KH Tonic en
  • Increases alkalinity
  • Stabilizes the pH
  • Promotes coral growth
  • Without potassium addition

Calcium, magnesium and carbonate ions are constantly consumed in the aquatic processes of the salt water aquarium. As a result, the alkalinity or carbonate hardness (KH) decreases. KH is a measure of the buffering capacity of the water and should be between 5 ° dH and 8 ° dH in saltwater.

Aquamarine KH-Tonic supplies the necessary hydrogen carbonate to the aquarium. Through aquamarine KH-Tonic stabilized water growth of corals and the well-being of all aquarium inhabitants is promoted.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Apply aquamarine KH-Tonic directly into a strong flow area of the technical area of the tank.

10 ml aquamarine KH-Tonic raises the carbonate hardness in 100 Litres of salt wate by approx. 0,27 °dH (0,048 mmol/L).

250 ml 19638
500 ml 19640
2,5 l 19780

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