Optimising tap water for your aquarium fish

WaterConditioner 500ml en
  • Tap water treatment for freshwater aquariums
  • Provides vitamins and iodine
  • Neutralises chlorine
  • Binds heavy metals

Tap water can be contaminated with harmful substances and should always be prepared for safe operation in the aquarium.

WaterConditioner neutralizes excess chlorine and heavy metals in freshwater aquariums. WaterConditioner is particularly effective, actively protects filter bacteria and the sensitive mucous membranes of fish. A vitamin B complex contributes to stress reduction in ornamental fish. In addition to vitamins

WaterConditioner provides additionally vital iodine.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Shake well before use. For use when restocking or water changes. Ideal also when introducing bacterias.

When restocking or changing water 25 ml WaterConditioner for 100 Litres of tap water.

100 ml 400 Litres 12633
250 ml 1.000 Litres 19466
500 ml 2.000 Litres 19468

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