Microbiological products

A pond contains not only fish, amphibians, and plants, but also microscopic organisms, which perform highly useful jobs: There are bacteria living in the water, on the pond bed, and in the filter material which degrade nitrogen compounds, for example, ammonium, nitrite and nitrate. Such compounds are dangerous for fish.

Thus, these microorganisms ensure a healthy microclimate in the pond. By supporting the degradation capability of naturally occurring bacteria in the pond and the filter material, microbiological products are an indispensable part of pond maintenance.

In our in-house Söll laboratory specialised bacterial strains are cultivated and processed into products for biological water purification. These products commence their battle against water polluting nitrogen with a water temperature of 8 °C or above. They are available in liquid, powder, or tablet form. The water is cleared purely biologically.

This cleansing effect can be observed within a few days of application. The water and the pond dwellers, however, benefit long-term from the positive effect.

Our advice: When applying bacterial products, the UV clarifier should remain switched off for approximately 48 hours. This is to enable the vital microorganisms to settle in your pond permanently.

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