The vital treatment for fish

AquaFit 500g en
  • Helps fight nitrite and ammonia poisoning
  • Vitalising effect on fish, plants and microbiology
  • Reduces stress, especially among new stock
  • Strengthens the immune system and natural defences of your fish

Thanks to a healthy portion of calcium in combination with an invigorating oxygen, AquaFit actively detoxify fish, cleans the water and contributes to a strengthened resistance of the aquarium inhabitants. This is why AquaFit is ideal for the prevention of diseases, new drugs and medicines.

AquaFit contains vital minerals and ensures a healthy habitat in the aquarium. Fishes become more vital, inflammations of the skin and parasitic diseases are prevented.

AquaFit is characterized by a hardening effect so that the pH of the water can be increased. Therefore, the product should be very carefully dosed at low pH values and stocking with soft water fish.

Expert Tip: AquaFit is particularly suitable for living-toothed tooth carp (eg guppies) that prefer harder water.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Apply every 14 days directly into Aquarium basin.

5 g AquaFit for 100 Litres of Aquarium water.

50 g 1.000 Litres 19510
100 g 2.000 Litres 19679
500 g 10.000 Litres 19512

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