aquamarine MagnesiumStabil

Regulates the magnesium content

aquamarine MagnesiumStabil en
  • Increases the magnesium content
  • For better growth
  • Free from sodium
  • Without chelators
  • Extra-productive

Magnesium is necessary for the ionic balance and an important growth building block for many Invertebrate and calcareous algae in the development of skeletal or shell.

Aquamarine MagnesiumStabil provides spent magnesium and ensures the maintenance of the ion balance in aquarium water. It prevents growth irregularities, especially in the case of coarse corals and calcareous algae, deformed skeletal formation in echinoderms, as well as skin problems in Crustacea.

The magnesium content in natural salt water ranges from 1,280 mg / l to 1,400 mg / l depending on the density. In the aquarium it should be at 1,380 mg / l at a density of 1.0233 g / cm³ (at 25 ° C).

Application and Dosage Recommendation

5 measuring spoons (à 1 g) increases the magnesium content by approx. 10 mg / l in 100 litres of salt water.

Mixed the required quantity of aquamarine MagnesiumStabil in 1 litre of salt water and then pour into the filter area of the basin, so that it is evenly distributed through the water flow into the aquarium.

Possible short term cloudiness does not harm the aquarium inhabitants..

100 g 18016
250 g 18018
500 g 19759

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