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Is there anything better than water in the garden? For us, there is only one answer: basically nothing! More and more people dream of having water nearby. And that's no surprise; there are clear advantages at hand:

A pond is more than simply an attractive feature. It enriches our lives tremendously as people have a particularly strong affinity with the element of water. It is proven that water improves one's personal well-being. The biotope is an inviting place for an informal get-together with family and friends. The pond is a place for communication and exchange of ideas. Quite often, the pond itself becomes the focus of conversation. The atmosphere, which it generates, contributes positively to hours spent in conversation on widely varying subjects. Plant and animal life in the garden pond are a paradise for lovers of nature and wildlife. Where else can aquatic plants, amphibians, fish, birds and insects all be experienced in the one place?

Swimming ponds even offer the opportunity to do something good for one's body at home and in natural surroundings.

Many people are particularly happy and are able to relax when tending to their own pond. Taking care of a part of living nature stimulates joy and fosters balance. As you can see: A pond is indeed a true wellness treat for body and soul.

What could be more natural than to bring water into the garden? We are confident that we can also convince you about the fascination generated by a pond.

More enjoyment from your garden pond

Everybody can experience a sense of achievement by using the Söll principle for their garden pond maintenance. Our products stand out thanks to selected ingredients which are as close-to-nature as possible. At Söll, everything focusses on keeping water in a healthy state. Therefore, we offer a wide range of products including care products as well as technology and food– all from one source!

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