Filter material

Choosing the right filter material for your aquarium shouldn`t be left to chance, as it has a decisive influence on water quality. From Söll you will receive high-quality filter media that can reliably eliminate pollutants, suspended solids and too much phosphate. It can also be easily placed in the chamber of the filter or the technology area of your tank.

Biologically active filter media such as NitratreRemover provide a habitat for water-clarifying micro-organisms and help rid the water of pollutantes dangerous to fish or of algae-promoting nutrients.

In the long term to keep the growth of algae in the aquarium at a low level, PhosphateBinder for water maintenance should not be overlooked. In almost any aquarium a threshold is reached sooner or later by 0.035 mg phosphate per litre – caused by fish waste, dead plants or uneaten food. Already brush, beard, blankweed algae can proliferate. The aquarium will become green. The permanent use of phosphate-binding filter materials, such as our PhosphateBinder, is therefore recommended. That way you always have a clear view of your aquarium inhabitants.

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