aquamarine PhosphateRemover

Extra fast Phosphate binding

aquamarine PhosphateRemover en
  • Binds excess phosphate
  • pH-neutral
  • Simple application

Phosphate in very small amounts is an essential nutrient for all organisms. However concentrations greater than 0.035 mg/L can already enable the mass proliferation of algae and disturbance of the ion balance of salt water aquariums. It is therefore important that excess phosphate in the water is bound.

aquamarine PhosphateRemover binds excess orthophosphate particularly fast and non-dissolvable. aquamarine PhosphateRemover does not cloud or discolour the water, has a neutral pH and for the permanent binding of phosphate in salt water is ideal.

100 grams of aquamarine PhosphateRemover binds 2.4 grams of phosphate in the shortest possible time.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Rinse the insert bag briefly under running water and insert into the technique / filter basin. aquamarine PhosphateRemover must be completely submerged by water and rinsed through.

Depending on the phosphate load of the water, the binding capacity of aquamarine PhosphateRemover is exhausted after 1 to 4 weeks. The product should then be renewed.

150 g 150 Liter 19423
300 g 300 Liter 19425
600 g 600 Liter 19427
1,2 kg 1.200 Liter 19429

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