aquamarine IodinePlus

For daily use

aquamarine IodinePlus
  • Readly available iodine
  • Important for metabolism and growth
  • For more colour splendor
  • Free of chelators

In the sea comes iodine occurs in a wide variety of forms, e.g. As iodide (I-), iodate (IO3-) or in organic compounds.

Iodine is constantly consumed by many marine inhabitants, especially coral and vermin, and must therefore be dosed. aquamarine IodinePlus is a 0.1% Lugol solution and contains iodine in its elemental form as I2. In order to maintain important cell functions and a good metabolism of the sea-dwellers as well as to form important hormones, we recommend a daily post-dosing.

aquamarine IodinePlus not only promotes the growth and well-being of all aquarium inhabitants, but also ensures intense colour splendor.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Add the desired amount of aquamarine IodinePlus to the technical area. One drop of aquamarine IodinePlus per day is sufficient for 100 litres of salt water.

Caution: Overdosing can damage marine life

50 ml 19630

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