KoiGold Mix

Complete care for all Koi

KoiGold Mix - Complete care for all Koi
  • Essential trace elements with spirulina and seaweed
  • Colour-enhancing, vitamin rich recipe
  • Suitable for large and small Koi

KoiGold Mix consists of small-size pellets (2 mm) as well as larger size pellets (5 mm), which makes it suitable for a balanced diet for all Koi regardless of size. Spirulina and essential seaweed provide omnivorous Koi with vital minerals and trace elements. Physical condition and vitality improve noticeably. In addition, the colour enhancing red pellets show off the scales of the Koi at their best. KoiGold Mix remains afloat for a long time and does not cloud the water.

Feeding recommendation: Feed only one such quantity, which completely devour your fish in 10 to 15 minutes.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, fish meal, soybean meal, greaves, spirulina (2.5 %), wheat germ, yeast, spinach meal, seaweed (1.25 %), green meal

Analytical constituents: crude protein 33 %, crude fat 5 %, crude fibres 4 %, crude ash 7 %

Nutritional Additives: vitamin A (E 672) 20,000 I.U./kg, vitamin D3 (E 671) 1,500 I.U./kg, vitamin E 80 mg/kg as all rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 3a700, vitamin C 50 mg/kg as ascorbyl monophosphate (3a312)

Sensory additives: canthaxanthin (E 161g) 40 mg/kg, E 124

Antioxidant: E 321

1 Litre 20429
3 Litre 20431
7 Litres 20434

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