Better by Nature. Organix: fish food the way nature intended.

What makes Organix so special?

The question about the difference between Organix and usual fish food is answered easily. Only the best ingredients are good enough, with water proteins from whole salmon, codfish, halibut, herring and shrimps. The catch is delivered by the fishermen along the coast of Alaska and is further processed with highest care.


Bound to sustainability

Because all Organix products are made of fresh ingredients, a responsible contact with nature is self evident to us. The raw material comes from preservation fisheries meeting the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) criteria.  Organix is the only fish food focusing on hand harvested kelp. The imposing kelp forests which are the habitat for many marine animals are not harmed due to a gentle harvesting technique. Söll also supports the work of WWF Germany as co-operation partner.


Naturally good - for higher acceptance

Organix is free of fishmeal, oil and vegetable additives. Following the first feeding or a change in diet, it may take a few days until the fish get used to the new food. Contiune to feed Organix without interruption and acceptance is guaranteed!


But is Organix Organic?

Organic in the sense of Organically certified? No. Organix products are made of fresh ingredients with raw materials coming from preservation fisheries meeting the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) criteria. As the ingredients are wild caught, organic certification is not possible. We consider Organix to be better than organically certified, as Organix relates to Organic/Natural food with no fishmeal, additives or attractants.


Freshness for clarity

The benefits of fresh ingredients are obvious: The low percentage of ash results in less pollution of the aquarium water - the water stays clear for longer. The food‘s natural phosphate content helps to inhibit the growth of algae in the water. The optimized protein-fat proportion, trace elements and vitamins guarantee healthy growth of your fish and support the colour intensity.


More vitality, Stronger blaze of colour and clearer water

 Fresh, natural ingredients such as wild salmon, herring, shrimps or kelp deliver fi rst-class proteins and essential Omega-3 & Omega- 6 fatty acids – strengthening the immune system and support your fish‘s health. The ingredients originate from sustainable sea food supporting ornamental fish naturally with trace elements, pigment components and vitamins - for vital fish with naturally blazing colours. The unique formulation counts on the natural binding capacity of the high class raw materials. Organix consequently avoids additional binders which stress fish and water. The water does not cloud and remains clear for longer.


For every fish, the right choice

No matter what kind of fish you keep, Organix has the perfect food for every size, species and environment. Adjusted to the feeding habits of different kinds of fish and depending on if you want to feed the food as main nutrition or as a treat, you can choose between flakes pellets, tabs and sticks.


Convince yourself

The differences in smell and taste compared to usual fish food made from fi sh meal and fi sh by-products is spectacular. Feed Organix and watch the feeding frenzy of your fi sh and you will be convinced.


Organix feeding recommendation

Feed 1-2 times per day only the amount of food your fish can consume completely in a few minutes. Young fish during their growth are fed on the same principle 3 to 4 times a day.



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