Light filter SpektroSorp

Almost every pond owner knows the problem from their own personal experience: Green or relatively clear pond water, but with many and sometimes very long or bushy, green filamentous algae concealing the surface or bottom of the pond in an unsightly manner.

Our anti-algae products act against all Algae: floating Alage (green water), blue and filamentous algae (Blanketweed). Our liquid product AlgoSol contains the light filter SpektroSorp which acts in a similar way to sunglasses reducing the light intensity in the water and thus the photosynthesis ability of the Algae Spectrum of SpektroSkop


Wirkungsspektrum SpektroSorp EN

By addressing the wavelength range of 480nm and 670nm, which is used by algae for photosynthesis, SpektroSorp blocks optimal energy production and growth of the Algae.


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